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Grant Application for Leadership Charlotte Endowment Fund

The Leadership Charlotte Endowment Fund was established by the Leadership Charlotte class of 2007 to provide funding for charitable purposes for children and youth in Charlotte County. 

Grants are available to 501(c)3 organizations who are members of the Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce.  The maximum amount is $2,500 a year.  It has to be a project that is strictly for children and youth in Charlotte County. 

Applications are available beginning May 1 of each year at and are due no later than June 15.

    1. Briefly describe the proposed project and the community need addressed.
    2. List the key intended outcomes or results of the proposed project. Be sure they are specific and measurable.
    3. Briefly describe how you will measure success and track progress toward these outcomes or results.
    4. Will your project continue after the grant period? If so, how will the project be sustained beyond the current funding year?
    5. How will your results be communicated to the community?


Leadership Charlotte Grant Application