Advisor FAQs

How can the Charlotte Community Foundation help me help my clients?

The Charlotte Community Foundation offers substantial expertise in a number of areas that can help you in your conversations with clients about their goals and desires for their charitable giving.

  • We are expert matchmakers. As a foundation that works with nonprofit organizations across Charlotte County, we are knowledgeable about the trends and needs of our community and we can help you match your clients’ support to the organizations that are truly making a difference so that their donation has a meaningful impact now and in the future.
  • We understand complex gifts and goals. The Charlotte Community Foundation is able to accept a variety of gifts — from the most complex transfers of property and appreciated assets to simple cash transfers.
  • We can help you maximize benefits. As a foundation able to accept complex gifts, we can help you ensure that the causes your clients care about receive the maximum financial benefit while your clients receive the maximum tax benefits.

What if my clients want to remain anonymous?

The Charlotte Community Foundation takes the utmost care of donor information and maintains the highest level of confidentiality.

We never share, loan or rent donor names, addresses or fund-related financial information with any individual or organization outside the Charlotte Community Foundation.

Why should I talk to my clients about charitable giving?

Numerous studies over the past several years have indicated that your clients — especially your high net worth clients — are already giving to charity. These studies also have shown that these individuals want to talk about their goals for giving with their advisors. Having these conversations can also help you:

  • Strengthen your relationship with your clients. Many clients report that they have developed stronger bonds with their advisors because of the conversations they have had about their personal interests and achieving their charitable goals.
  • Get to know the next generation. Often, clients involve children or grandchildren in their charitable giving. Studies support the idea that these next generation givers are likely to continue working with their parents’ or grandparents’ advisors.

How and when do I begin the conversation about charitable giving?

According to a study by U.S. Trust, clients want to have meaningful conversations with their advisors early in their relationships. There’s no single right way to start the conversation — each conversation will depend on each client — and if a client does not respond favorably, you can always drop the topic altogether. You can ask whether:

  • They are already supporting a nonprofit organization as a volunteer or donor.
  • They want to support those organizations after their death.
  • They have ever thought of leaving a personal legacy.
  • They are interested in reducing income or estate taxes through charitable giving.
  • They would be interested in hearing about ways they could increase a bequest to their family through charitable giving.

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