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On April 28, I completed my first Sprint Triathlon. For those who don’t know what this is, you complete a half-mile swim, 20k cycling and finish with a 5k run with transition periods in between.

While I am extremely proud that I did this, I need to be completely honest…I was not ready. But CCF’s Board Chair, Lew Bennett, offered some really motivating and positive advice: “You will do great! Just focus on finishing.” And that’s what I did! I stayed focused on accomplishing what seemed nearly impossible.

Now, it may not have been pretty, and I’m willing to admit that I finished very close to the end, but I finished. It may be cheesy, but I’m serious when I say, that advice was a constant reminder that it’s not about how you finish it’s that you finish.

Here is what I learned:

1. I didn’t realize how much I could push myself and my own capabilities.
2. An open water swim with 100+ new friends is no joke.
3. Training is key.

Because I did not feel that I knew enough, was trained enough or really knew what to expect or do, I thought of how relatable this experience can be to anything new we try or even obstacles we encounter within our workplace.

The word ‘focus’ first comes to mind. It’s a strong word. Having it enables one to hone in on that which is most important. It allows us to separate the fluff from the goal. Each day at CCF that is what we try to accomplish. Our goal is clear, to bring to fruition the desires of those who have entrusted us to do so. Often the task is difficult; I’m not always sure how to best proceed. Trusting my strengths and those of the team, we venture out of our comfort zones, sometimes into areas in which our experience may be limited, by focusing on the finish. Success is the reward.

As I participate with others in Charlotte County, attending events and meetings, sharing our mission and learning about those of similar organizations, I am reminded of that open water swim with new friends. This position has given me the opportunity to make many new friends. We’re all striving together to close the distance between community needs and finding solutions. Here at CCF we reach out to those who care and connect them to causes that matter. Each success is a training in which we’ve learned ways to improve. We’ve pushed ourselves to be better, relied on hidden strengths and benefited from the compassion and big hearts of our friends old and new.

Every day is an opportunity, whether we’ve been competing against our previous successes, or simply completing our most recent project. At the end of each day, we review to ensure that we have applied what we have learned, along with the energy derived from caring, to benefit the residents of Charlotte County. Ours is a different form of triathlon; it also is one in which I am extremely proud to be a participant.

Ashley Maher
Executive Director
Charlotte Community Foundation