Happy New Year!

Inspiring philanthropy, creating a positive vision and driving legacies for our community is the heart of our work. We take great pride in convening people in a way that drives community investment and engages the community’s spirit. We do this for the good of the collective community and in a way that ensures all people are afforded an opportunity to thrive.

Personally, I have found my greatest accomplishments come from achieving realistic goals and, sometimes, some far reaching ones. To me a resolution is stating you’ve resolved a problem; and that means it may just be temporarily (hopefully forever). At CCF, I take this same approach when looking at a new year.

Our board and team established strategic, yet tactical, goals in 2018, and we strive every day to exceed these expectations. We have a renewed focus and commitment to a targeted and inclusive approach to philanthropy — an approach that is responsive to identified needs within the community and aligning those needs with the legacy our donors wish to create. This is our commitment to true partnership. We are leading in a time where the challenges are large, and the opportunities to make a profound impact are even larger.

This past year CCF distributed over $134,000 in the one thing that can never be taken away…education. Over 30 students received Higher Education Scholarships – local high school students, current college students and adults returning to school. These are students who have lived here, currently live here, work here, will work here but, among all, they are a part of our community now and in the future. They will be such a strong, continued voice for years to come and we at CCF feel fortunate that our generous community allows this to continue and grow year after year.

Additionally, this past year CCF distributed nearly $100,000 in Community Investment Grants to 15 local nonprofit organizations. The diverse recipients are bound to leave a lasting legacy of their own through their missions. On top of the Community Investment Grants, CCF was able to distribute over one MILLION dollars to nonprofits locally (96%) and to nonprofits designated to donor’s home states through their Donor Advised Funds, Designated and Field of Interest Funds.

Every community needs strong leadership to make transformative, impactful change and that is the essence of your Community Foundation. We are the convener, the investors and advisors in ensuring that the needs of the community are met and that the agencies performing those activities are sufficiently supported, financially and strategically.

Our focus will remain on not becoming complacent and satisfied with benchmark wins, but to continue working alongside our community for an impactful yet sustainable thriving community. These are some of the long-term wins that our focus will remain on.

This success – the community’s success – cannot be achieved without the commitment and support, first and foremost, of our donors, supporters, volunteers, Board of Directors/committee members and our TEAM. Thank you!

This is our – Charlotte County’s – year!


Ashley Maher
Executive Director
Charlotte Community Foundation

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