What is a Community Foundation?

We are a vehicle for anyone charitably inclined to give back to the community through the Foundation.  Individuals donate tax-deductible funds through the Foundation.  Then we invest them with our assets under management and then turn the earnings from those funds over to the community through grants and distribution to nonprofits in Charlotte County.

As the Center for Philanthropy, we focus exclusively on the needs of Charlotte County, providing more than $6.6 million over the years.

How much did the Foundation give in 2016?

The Foundation distributed more than $825,000 in Charlotte County.  The Charlotte Community Foundation has more than $12 million in assets and offers various funding such as donor advised, field of interest, designated, scholarship and agency funds, depending on the donor’s passions.

Donors can set up a fund, many times in their name, and earmark distributions or grants from their fund to go to a certain cause, whether it’s for animals, the arts, education, eldercare, health, youth, veterans, etc.  These are called Field of Interest Funds.  We are able to work with the donor to provide tax advantageous donations, which benefit the community.

We had requests from nonprofit professionals for networking opportunities so we developed and delivered five workshops which were attended by 66 organizations and 111 individuals.  Through the Virginia B. Andes Training and Education Center, we continued to provide meeting space to 55 nonprofits which organized 132 meetings for mre than 1,200 individuals at no cost.

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