$40,000 Matching Funds for CCPS K-2 Literacy Framework Initiative  

The Charlotte Community Foundation (CCF) and the Smugglers Foundation have partnered to provide Matching Gifts to secure funds that will support a new Charlotte County Public School Comprehensive Literature Framework Initiative.  

Funds raised will provide Kindergarten through 2nd grade educators in the CCPS district with classroom libraries which will be utilized during the required 90 minutes of reading instruction provided daily in all K-2 elementary classrooms.  These libraries are designed to improve the Independent Reading component of the framework.

“Reading is the cornerstone of education and the foundation of lifelong learning.  If children are not independent readers by the end of third grade, it is unlikely that they will be successful in the middle grades and beyond.” – President’s and Secretary’s Priorities, U.S. Department of Education, 1997.

 “As part of the Comprehensive Literacy Framework, independent reading affords students the opportunity to practice key reading strategies with books that interest them and are at their independent reading level,” noted by Phebe Blackwell Westby.

In preparation, all Elementary K-2 educators will attend professional development designed to increase their knowledge of the literacy framework.  On September 1st teachers will have extensive training on how the individual classroom libraries for K-2 will work. 

Currently, the Charlotte Public schools rank 14th for third grade ELA compared to other Florida School Districts. The 2017 FSA State Assessment results for 3rd grade reading proficiency reports that 66% of 3rd graders are reading at the expected level.  “While this is an increase over the past 3 years we feel that there is an opportunity to improve upon this score and to help more children at an early age to develop the basic foundation for lifelong learning”. Said Tami Sender, CEO of the Charlotte Community Foundation.

Sender and Kelly Liscum, of the Smugglers Foundation Inc. both former educators, agree that it is critically important to provide our youth with every opportunity to be successful in life.  “By providing intentional and intensive attention to children’s reading in the early, formative years of their education we believe that children in K-2 will have a much greater chance to develop the basic concepts and foundation for reading at an early age.  By supporting this very important K-2 initiative, we expect that we will see a significant improvement in the reading skills of all children by 3rd grade.” Said Kelly Liscum.

With their focus on improving the educational outcomes in Charlotte County youth, Smugglers Foundation and the Charlotte Community Foundation will provide matching funds to the first $40,000 raised towards this and future educational initiatives.  “Imagine, a $2,500 donation becomes a $5,000 donation, a $5,000 donation becomes $10,000 fast!”  Sender Said.

“It is our hope that the community will recognize the value of investing in our youth through their education by supporting this initiative serving K-2 students in the learning to read stages.  We hope to continue with additional educational initiatives in the future” Sender Said

Tax Exempt Donations can be made to the Charlotte Community Foundation – Education Initiatives – by mail; 227 Sullivan Street, Punta Gorda, Florida 33950 or by donating online at www.charlottecf.org