The Charlotte Community Foundation recently awarded over $128,000 in higher education scholarships for the 2018-2019 Academic School Year. On Thursday, May 10, a closed reception was held to celebrate and recogonize the 33 Charlotte County scholarship recipients, sponsored by Fawcett Memorial Hospital.  The reception was emceed by NBC-2 Anchor, Stacey Deffenbaugh, and Fawcett Memorial Hospital CEO, Bill Hawley.

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~ Testimonial of the Month ~

Bessie Connor Switzer – Leo Wotitzky Scholarship




The Charlotte Community Foundation scholarship that I received was the Leo Wotitzky Scholarship.  This scholarship has helped me to achieve my goal of going to college without loans.  I have been able to focus on my studies and become involved in activities throughout campus including community service.  Having the freedom to go away to the University of Florida in Gainesville without the pressure of having to work a full time job while attending school has allowed me opportunities to get to know other students and faculty, participate in activities on campus, and broaden my experiences.  I do work part-time to pay for those little things I need throughout the semester.  I am still very connected to my High School Alma Mater and am encouraging other high school students to reach towards college.  I have learned if you try hard enough and do everything you can; you can make your dreams a reality.  Life as a Gator at the University of Florida is helping to shape me into the adult I want to be.  And it is in part to the generosity of the Charlotte Community Foundation.

The Charlotte Community Foundation and the scholarships they sponsor are important to the community because they offer students an opportunity to succeed.  These scholarships prove that hard work and a desire to serve others can help you get to the college of your choice.  Having the option to go to college and have a career is something kids in high school dream about: The Foundation has helped make this dream come true for me.  I talk about the scholarships I have received all the time because I want others to apply for them and try for their dreams.  Opportunity will pass you by if you don’t look for ways to make it your reality.  I wish more businesses would get involved and start scholarships through the Foundation; sponsoring students in Charlotte County is putting faith in the future.  The students in Charlotte County are innovators and entrepreneurs who just need the resources to reach for their dreams. In my case the Charlotte Community Foundation Scholarships was a way for me to seize the opportunity to go to college and make my dream a reality.

Scholarships include:

Nora Penton Beatty Nursing Scholarship – for students participating in a nursing program or applying to participate in a nursing program.

Nursing Scholarship – for students participating in a nursing program or applying to participate in a nursing program.

Health Professions Scholarship – for anyone entering or attending a two-year or four-year EMT/paramedic or nursing program at Florida Southwestern College, Charlotte County campus, or Charlotte Technical College.

Virginia B. Andes Healthcare Scholarship – for Charlotte County public high school graduates, residents or employees entering their 3rd or 4th year in a health care related field.

Dennis Munholand Memorial Scholarship – for students entering the field of dentistry, dental hygiene and/or dental assistance.

David Gerdel Memorial Scholarship – for Charlotte County public high school graduates entering the field of engineering.

Leo Wotitzky Scholarship – for Charlotte County high school graduates attending post-secondary education institution or technical program.

Charlotte Community Foundation is proud to be part of awarding annual scholarships to higher education students across Charlotte County. This could not be done without the generosity of the many donors who have established scholarship funds.  We also appreciate Fawcett’s commitment to providing educational opportunities to all ages in Charlotte County and thank them for their support in celebrating our newest scholarship recipients.

Charlotte Community Foundation, Inc.  As the Center for Philanthropy in Charlotte County, the Foundation focuses exclusively on the needs of Charlotte County.  Providing more than $900,000 in 2017 alone, the Foundation provides personalized donor services to assist individuals in establishing tax advantageous charitable funds which provide distributions, grants and other resources to support nonprofits in Charlotte County. The Foundation’s mission is connecting people who care with causes that matter.