Dr. Eric Schaible,
Tami Sender,
Dr. Joseph Spadafora

Dr. Joseph Spadafora,
Dr. Eric Schaible,
Tami Sender, Ron Olson

Charlotte Community Foundation announces new partnership with Community Eye Center and St. Lucy’s Eye Surgery Center’s Partners, Dr. Joseph Spadafora and Dr. Eric Schaible.

Dr. Joseph Spadafora and Dr. Eric Schaible were recently honored as “Heroes” level Donors to the Charlotte Cares Campaign.  In addition to the Charlotte Cares Campaign Community Eye Center was also recognized as a new Donor to Charlotte Community Foundation (CCF).

“It is important for all of us at Community Eye Center and St. Lucy’s Eye Surgery Center to be a strong, giving a compassionate member of our community.  Charlotte Cares services people from all areas, all walks of life in all different circumstances but we are all a community working together for our greater good” stated Dr. Joseph Spadafora, Partner and Medical Director.

The award is part of the first annual Charlotte Cares Campaign lead by CCF.   The Charlotte Cares Campaign was developed as an exciting new initiative led by the CCF.  The goal is to increase the Foundation’s capacity and outreach as well and to increase the amount of grant funds available to qualifying nonprofit agencies throughout Charlotte County.

“By working together with one focus in mind – a better tomorrow for all – there is little we cannot accomplish,” explained Ron Olson of Strang, Olson and Lynch, CCF Board Member and Charlotte Cares “Heroes” Donor.

“Without the help of our donors we would not be able to accomplish our goals.  We are grateful to Community Eye Center’s new partnership and look forward to what we can do and the changes that will be made by working together,” stated Tami Sender, CEO, Charlotte Community Foundation.

Dr. Eric Schaible, Partner and Research Director said “It is exceptional to have a professional organization that can directly support and impact our local community from helping a single mother make ends meet to providing educational scholarships to our Charlotte County student.  We are pleased and honored to be part of this unique organization.”

Charlotte Community Foundation, Inc. was established over 20 years ago with assets from the Adventist Hospital Foundation. Today the Foundation provides personalized donor services to assist individuals, families and businesses in establishing tax smart charitable funds that provide grants, education, resources and support to nonprofits in Charlotte County.  The Foundation’s mission is connecting people who care with causes that matter.  Call 941-637-0077 for more information.

For over 37 years Community Eye Center has served Southwest Florida providing excellence in eye care from multiple locations including their eye only surgery center, St. Lucy’s Eye Surgery Center and their optical centers.  Their care ranges from routine eye exams to complex eye surgery and laser eye surgery.