Charlotte County residents have been tied to the environment since the Calusa Indians called this region home some 5,000 years ago. Today, we remain dependent upon our environment whether we are enjoying a spectacular sunset, spending a day boating on Charlotte Harbor or even enjoying our favorite restaurant’s catch of the day.  The Charlotte Community Foundation supports programs that educate the public about our unique environment — from its mangroves to its manatees — as well as those that protect and restore it.

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Grants for Nonprofits

Nonprofits dedicated to supporting environmental programs in the community are invited to apply for grants to support their programs and initiatives.





Organizations We’ve Supported

Sound Improvements

The Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center provides more than 20 educational programs and manages eight areas of environmentally sensitive lands that include hiking trails and recreational opportunities for the community. But what happens when you can't hear your tour guide? A recent grant from Charlotte Community Foundation for media equipment like ...

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