Helping volunteer troop leaders learn, grow and develop new skills is important to the Girl Scouts of Gulfcoast Florida. A recent grant from the Charlotte Community foundation supported training for new and seasoned leaders.

At the “Troop Pathways Training” in Port Charlotte, participating Troop Leaders spanned the gamut of years of experience.  Some of the participants were new leaders learning about Troop Pathways — the Girl Scout curriculum — for the first time, others had been with the organization for several years and were brushing up or catching up on trainings they had previously missed. “It was encouraging to observe how the same training could benefit different leaders in different ways,” council leaders report. “The new leaders were able to gain a basic, beginner-level understanding of how the curriculum works to empower girls, and how they can adapt the program to meet the needs of their particular troop members. More seasoned leaders had an opportunity to re-think the ways they have been utilizing the curriculum, gaining insight from the perspective of the new leaders, while sharing their own successes and challenges with them.