End-of-Year Giving: Why Give?

In 2017 CCF was in the fortunate position to present what we do to support nonprofit organizations in Charlotte County to a group of our community members. It was at that presentation and through the generosity of our community that we would see the evolution of our first Charlotte Cares campaign.

One very caring guest in attendance stepped up and said they wanted to offer a “Hand-up” and not a hand-out to those in need in our community. We have been able to work with nonprofits that have 27 identified families and individuals requiring critical, one-time assistance, and who have exhausted all other possibilities for aid. $57,500 in one-time grants have addressed fundamental needs such as housing, food, medical aid, childcare and transportation.

Thanks to Charlotte Cares and the Community Fund we were able to award grants to 12 local nonprofits in September 2017. Grants disbursed totaled close to $57,000. CCF was also able to increase Higher Education Scholarship funds from $88,000 in 2016 to a total of $117,000 in 2017 to be disbursed to individuals in our community.

When we heard about the new Charlotte County Public School Comprehensive Literature Framework Initiative we knew we had to get on board. CCF and the Smugglers Enterprises Inc. Foundation partnered to provide matching gifts to secure more than $70,000 needed to support the K-2 portion of this initiative.

The funds raised provided 167 Kindergarten through 2nd grade educators in the CCPS district with classroom libraries which are now being utilized during the required 90 minutes of reading instruction provided daily in all K-2 elementary classrooms. Each of these libraries contain a variety of 100 fiction and non-fiction books that are designed to improve the Independent Reading component of the framework. Through the generous donations of community members and the matching funds, we were able to deliver 16,700 books to all of the elementary schools in the CCPS District.

Other accomplishments we were able to achieve were made during the year. We developed and delivered 7 workshops for nonprofits, continued to provide meeting space and use of our Virginia B Andes Training & Education Center at no cost to nonprofits, partnered with nonprofits in the development of agency funds, administered funds for Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma relief efforts, and made a significant contribution to the beauty of the Peace River Botanical & Sculpture Gardens.


In 2017 alone, CCF provided $924,828 to Charlotte County residents.

It’s been a great year and we are proud to be a part of assisting nonprofit organizations and our community members through the generosity of the Charlotte County community. We hope you will join us as this year comes to a close.

There are many ways to give. Donor Advised Funds (DAF’s) are popular these days since the stock market has performed well. These funds are quickly established, have no startup costs, provide an immediate tax deduction for capital gains and you don’t have to decide who you want to support right away. CCF handles all administrative tasks. Yes. There is a fee, it costs less than 2 cents per dollar! 98 cents of every dollar donated goes to charity and you get to recommend the charity!

End-of-year cash, stock, etc. donations directed to CHARLOTTE CARES, to any of our existing funds, or to one our Nonprofit Partner Agency Funds are also tax deductible and GREATLY appreciated! These funds work the same way with annual distributions invested back into Charlotte County programs.

Regardless of your charitable interests or needs, please do not hesitate to begin the conversation, talk to your tax professional and then feel free to contact us to discuss your donor options and opportunities through the Charlotte Community Foundation. 941-637-0077