Charlotte Community Foundation names new Executive Director
and Enters Growth Focused Era; Plans Legacy of Collaboration

The Charlotte Community Foundation (CCF) Board of Directors is happy to announce Ashley Maher has been named the new Executive Director of the Charlotte Community Foundation. Ashley recently served as Interim CEO and formerly as the Director of Marketing & Development.

“Ashley has the knowledge and professionalism required to provide the strategic leadership necessary to create a long-standing, sustainable Community Foundation,” said Jill McCrory, CCF Board Chair.

With new growth and leadership comes new opportunities. CCF is also excited to announce three new staff positions, Director of Community Engagement, Program Coordinator and Administrative Assistant.

These positions will join the current team at CCF which includes Suzanne Herron, CFO, Merry Bise, Office Administrator, and Georganna Dodd, Administrative Assistant – along with continued support from the CCF Board of Directors.

“When I accepted my new career at CCF, it was based on my hope that through CCF’s collaboration with donors, community partners and non-profits we will not only build up the grant and scholarship programs we have, but flourish in new opportunities that strengthen our community. CCF serves a great purpose and I’m thrilled to continue to tell our story as the leader of CCF,” stated Maher. “With every closed chapter a new one begins, and I am excited to lead the tremendous and growing team at CCF,” expressed Maher.

In the last four months with Maher in the Interim CEO role, she and her team have successfully distributed $134,000 in donor-driven CCF Higher Education Scholarships, established multiple new funds through CCF, and increased members of CCF’s Legacy Society. Additionally, the team has continued to work on creating collaboration within the community such as the HUG Circle, joining the Suncoast Campaign for Grade Level Reading, and increasing the funding for CCF Community Investment Grants.