This scholarship has not only provided me with means to attend school but it has also provided me with fuel to pursue my dreams.

Dear Charlotte Community Foundation,

In this past year at FSU I have both grown as a person and have gotten closer to my goal of one day attending medical school. This year was my crucial year due to the fact that this summer I will be applying to medical school. Throughout the Fall and Spring Semester I was balancing classwork, studying for MCAT, work and extracurricular activities. This year I was fortunate enough to become more involved within the organizations that I have been a part of since I first started at FSU. This semester I was elected to be the Outreach Coordinator for the Riverchase Project in Quincy, Fla., through the Honors Medical Scholars Society. With this project, I was able to coordinate both social and artistic outlets to facilitate development within the mentally and physically disabled geriatric populations within this rural community.

Furthermore I was able to maintain involvement through volunteering within the Ruskin migrant worker community project, Relay for Life, and through the Big Bend Homeless coalition. Also through the Honors Medical Scholars Society I was able to participate in a medical mission trip alongside faculty and medical students of the FSU College of Medicine in rural Nicaragua for 10 days in June. I was able to perform triage, interview patients, take blood pressure, fill medications in the pharmacy and help in the diagnosis process. I saw a variety of patients from the elderly to newborn children. It was such a fantastic learning experience, and I hope one day I will be able to go back again to serve the underserved within Los Cedros.

Within the Phi Eta Sigma honor society I maintained involvement within the Leadership Council. During the Fall semester I was a part of the Leadership Council for LC and Member Events and in the Spring semester I was a part of the Leadership Council for Outreach and Service. Through this organization I participated in member recruitment, university projects and induction. I have remained actively involved in AMWA, Phi Kappa Phi, Kappa Omicron Nu, The Golden Key Honor Society, and the Glenn Society. This year I had contributed over 100 hours of service to the community and had 80 hours worth of shadowing experience.

Additionally this spring semester I had received the highest of promotions from Building Supervisor at the Bobby E. Leach Center to the Student Director of Facility Operations. Through this position I will be the primary contact for any and all facility and risk management concerns and issues. I have maintained my Dual Degree in both Exercise Science and Food and Nutrition Science and I took my MCAT this May. I will be applying early decision this summer to the FSU College of Medicine, and I will be continuing to shadow physicians within the Southwest Florida community this summer. I will graduate in May 2015 with not only a Dual Degree but also with a Dual minor in Chemistry and Biology with an Honors Medallion.

As a graduate of Lemon Bay High school in May 2011, I have been very blessed to have had received this scholarship towards my education at the Florida State University. It not only has allowed me to grow closer to my dreams but it also has allowed me to continue at such a great institution. Without the financial support from this organization I would not be able to attend the university that has been more than just an institution of learning for me but also my home. I have been able to facilitate the growth of my passions from the wonderful and supportive staff. From this scholarship I have been able to keep my loans at 12,885 dollars, which is a lot lower than it would have been without the benefit of this scholarship. Without this scholarship I also would not have had the opportunity to afford to travel to Nicaragua with the FSU College of Medicine. This trip has made me so very excited for my future and has fostered an interest in Global Health. This scholarship thus has not only provided me with means to attend school but it has also provided me with fuel to pursue my dreams.


Ashley Michelle Kreher, Florida State University Class of 2015, Honors Medical Scholars Society