Types of Funds

Our Community Fund is among the most flexible way to support the community. The Community Fund allows the Foundation to decide how best to respond to the most pressing needs in Charlotte County now and in the future — needs that often could never have been envisioned when an initial gift is made.

Donor Advised Funds allow donors to actively participate in the grant-making process, recommending projects or nonprofit organizations they wish to support. Grants can be made to multiple organizations.

Designated Funds allow donors to support a specific nonprofit organization or cause. Then, if the original charity ceases to exist, becomes obsolete or is unable to perform their charitable purposes, Charlotte Community Foundation’s Board may redirect the funds to an organization providing similar services without an expensive legal process. Donors can create new funds or contribute to existing funds that are already serving their goals.

Agency Funds are created by a nonprofit organization. Many nonprofits also establish this type of fund for their own endowments through Charlotte Community Foundation and rely on our expertise to provide administrative management and sound investments that help their endowments grow over time.

Field of Interest Funds can be established to support a particular area of interest — anything from health and welfare to children’s causes or animal welfare. They can even be used to meet specific needs in a geographic area. These funds offer the maximum flexibility to support a particular area of interest, yet allow for response to community changes.

Scholarship Funds allow donors to structure benefits for students at any educational level — for example, high school students entering college or adults continuing their education. Funds may be designated for specific areas of study, for specific institutions or for particular regions.

*For legal reasons, the Charlotte Community Foundation Board of Directors must give final approval over all grants and scholarships awarded.